Novels by W. L. Heath

During his writing career, which spanned three decades, my father, William L. Heath, published eight novels and more than three dozen short stories. Two of his short stories were adapted for TV and one novel, Violent Saturday, was purchased by 20th Century Fox and made into a movie.

I’m often asked by people who knew him, or have read some of his work, how they can get copies of his books. Since all but one are out of print now, they’re hard to come by. Some are available on, for sale by individuals. But any of these that are in good condition are fairly expensive. So, I am undertaking the task of republishing my father’s books.

I’m in the process of getting the publication rights to his novels that are no longer in print. I’ll publish them as ebooks and, possibly, in print as paperbacks. I also have a couple of novels and several novellas he wrote that were never published. I’m currently getting them ready for publication, as well. Last Known Position, is now available as an ebook. It’s Always Five O’clock will be published in July. Over the course of the next year I hope to publish all of his books. As this happens I’ll provide updates to this site.

For more info on W. L. Heath and his novels, visit his author page on this site.



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8 responses to “Novels by W. L. Heath

  1. Merrill,

    Awesome that your father wrote a novel (and his first, yet! 🙂 that became a motion picture. I have a vague recollection of that movie and just looked it up on

    Have you ever seen the movie? Did your father ever discuss it (or any of his novels) with you as you were growing up? Just curious to see what your reaction was to the movie and all. Must’ve been exciting! 🙂

    (BTW, came over from Konrath’s blog.)

  2. Nancy, I have seen the movie and liked it. They followed the story very closely and took most of the dialogue directly from the book. I wasn’t born yet when it came out but Dad has often talked about how exciting it was when the movie was released.

    When he was working on a book he wouldn’t discuss it at all. But once he was done we would talk about it, sometimes at great length. As I grew older and began writing my own short stories and books we talked quite a bit about writing dialogue, character development, plot structure, etc. Most of what I know about writing I learned from my father. He always encouraged me to write, but never pressured me to do so.

    It’s fun now to go back and republish some of his novels. I’m working to get the rights back from the publishers for his first two novels, “Violent Saturday” and “Ill Wind.” They were both originally published in the ’50’s, then released again in paperback in 1985 by Black Lizard, a division of the Creative Arts Book Company in Berkley, CA.

  3. D.Hayles

    I just finished reading Ill Wind. Terrific book, beautifully written. I read Violent Saturday a while back and loved it. Came across this site hunting down more books by your dad. What a wonderful writer

  4. D, thank you for the kind words about my father’s writing. So glad you enjoyed Ill Wind. Where did you find it? I hope to publish it and Violent Saturday as ebooks soon, also a couple of YA books he wrote. I’ll post updates as I get them ready, so check back from time to time.


  5. Tammy Bradford

    I remember your father from my summer job in college. He was a nice man…a class act. I’ve read Violent Saturday and really enjoyed it. I think I checked it out from the Scottsboro Library. I can’t want until it is on ebooks so that I can reread it. I have never seen the movie, but see where it comes on TCM sometimes. I need to record it the next time. I’m glad you are doing this for your father.

  6. Tammy Bradford

    Just popped in to let you know that I read Bearing False Witness. I really liked it. I liked how you described the local places in Birmingham so that someone not from the area will understand them, yet it was not much information for someone that is familiar with the area. I can’t wait for the next book.

  7. Tammy, I’m glad you enjoyed Bearing False Witness. I’m working on the next book in the series, Access Denied. I hope to have it out in November. I’m also working on getting Violent Saturday ready for publication. I’ll let you know when they’re available.

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    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

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