Selected Shorts

When my father started his writing career there was a great demand for short stories. Publications such as The Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s, Argosy, Esquire, even Cosmopolitan published short fiction in every edition. There were weekly and monthly publications that were always looking for good material. It was a great way for a writer to build his portfolio and make a name for himself. This is exactly what my father did. In fact, prior to the publication of Violent Saturday, he published dozens of short stories.

That opportunity didn’t really exist for me. When I started trying to get my stories published there were a few literary publications that bought short fiction, but the competition was fierce and after numerous rejections I quit writing short stories altogether. However, now the market for short fiction is expanding. The evolution of ebooks and ereaders has provided opportunities for inexpensive distribution, resulting in a resurgence in the popularity of short fiction.

This anthology includes twelve pieces by my father and me. When I looked through my library to decide which shorts to include, I selected stories that offered a broad range of subjects and styles. They vary in length from one-page vignettes to short stories that are anywhere from five to twenty-five pages in length. They also cover a broad span of time. Several are stories I wrote more than thirty years ago when I was in high school.

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing short fiction and it’s my pleasure to present this anthology of twelve selected shorts. I hope you enjoy them.



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2 responses to “Selected Shorts

  1. D.L.Shutter


    Sounds likea great project and I plan to check it out. I’m a big an of both writing and reading shorts, depsite them being the target of a lot of critical debate in the indie forum/blog-o-sphere these days.

    One of my main goals this year (besides my debut novel..finally) is to start putting out shorts, ulitmately, for a collection.

    All the best


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