2014 – The Year of Publishing Dangerously

Earlier this month, when I was thinking about writing goals for 2014, I realized that I didn’t publish anything in 2013. I worked on several books. I outlined several others. But I didn’t publish anything new. I also didn’t post anything new on this blog. I plan to do better in that regard this year, as well.

So this year I plan to make up for that. My writing goal for 2014 is to publish something every month. I have several books I need to finish. I have ideas for other books that I want to write. And I even have a couple of Dad’s books that I want to publish as ebooks. So, while publishing something each month will be a challenge, it’s not unreasonable.

Of course, I also have an ever-growing “honey-do” list that could interfere. I’ll just have to make a concerted effort to keep everything in balance and stay busy…on both fronts.

To start “the year of publishing dangerously” I’ve decided to publish Timebox as a serial novel. This is an idea I’ve been kicking around ever since I got the idea for the novel. In fact, I’ve been back-and-forth on the serial novel concept so many times it’s silly. In light of my goal for this year I’ve committed to publishing it in four parts – one each month, January through April. It will be interesting to see how that works since I’ve never written anything under this kind of deadline, albeit self-imposed. Perhaps that’s why I have about half a dozen unfinished novels on my hard-drive.

Well, it’s time to clean up and complete a couple of those unfinished novels, write a few new books, and get busy building a list of quality books for my fans – all four of them – to read. This should be fun and make for an eclectic list of titles. Timebox will be a technological thriller. I also plan to publish two more Alec Stover mysteries. These are hard-boiled detective stories. The books by my father that I want to publish are young adult books. And I’ll probably round it out with a few short stories that are more literary in nature. Who knows? Maybe Timebox will take off and I’ll get a sequel done by the end of the year.

Any way you figure it, this should be an interesting year. I’m excited about it. I hope my enthusiasm is evident in my writing.

P.S. For those who might be curious about the title of this post, the Mel Gibson movie, “The Year of Living Dangerously,” is one of my favorite movies. Since I’m kind of taking an approach this year of not over-thinking my work too much, I thought that was a fun title. This year my plan is to write, edit, publish, and move on to the next project. I don’t want to over-analyze anything. I don’t want to rewrite anything 15 times to get it “perfect.” Write it. Edit it. Publish it. Take a few risks. Publish dangerously.


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