Timebox OmnibusSynergistic Escapes, Inc., has developed technology that allows people to experience a virtual vacation that is amazingly realistic. Not only that, but the time ratio is approximately 40:1. One minute of real time is the equivalent of forty minutes on a virtual vacation.

If this technology was deployed in the business sector it could make the 40-hour work week obsolete. Students could get a college degree in less time than it takes to complete one semester in real time. Business executives could complete an MBA in a month. A person could become fluent in a new language in a couple of weeks, could learn the skills required to start a new career in only a few months. The ramifications are far-reaching indeed.

But what about quality of life issues? What if you could avoid the effects of a debilitating disease or aging or a terrible accident that left you physically crippled by spending time in a virtual world where you were eternally young and in perfect health?

What if you could spend time with a loved one who had died?

At what point does the virtual world become an alternate reality that can be used to avoid the harsh realities of life?

Timebox is a technological thriller that explores the moral and ethical dilemmas a virtual world presents.


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