Kyle Barrymore Mysteries

I’m excited One and Doneto announce a new series – the Kyle Barrymore Mystery series. This series will be a little more introspective, with more character development as the main character, a homicide detective, works to get his career back on track after a few missteps while dealing with the death of his wife, Meg. His relationship with his daughter, Annie, is somewhat strained over events surrounding Meg’s death. And he’s been assigned a new partner who is being fast-tracked for political reasons.

Currently I have five novels planned in the series with more possible if it catches on and develops a loyal following. The stories will be more character driven than plot driven, like my previous novels. But that isn’t to say the novels won’t present fun, interesting crimes to solve. The first novel in the series, One and Done, is a classic locked room mystery. I hope you’ll check it out.

For more info on the availability and to read an excerpt from One and Done, click here.


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