A Hackamore Saga

Hackamore ebook cover“It might surprise you what goes on in a little town the size of Hackamore. Driving through, it looks like the quietest little place under the sun. But give it fifty years and see what happens. Scandals, murders, you name it.”

The narrator of this novel is Robert H. Horton, a barbershop proprietor in Hackamore, Alabama, who has a keen eye, a loving heart, and a big window on Main Street. What he doesn’t know about his hometown isn’t worth knowing, and at the outset he warns of turbulence to come. And yet it’s unlikely that he intended this effect or worked toward it in any conscious sense while sharing his stories. Whatever suspicions he may have had about his uncle’s disappearance, or Tiny Warbuck’s death, or even the murder of Horace Hobson, were probably subliminal. He simply told his stories of Hackamore as they came to mind and as he remembered them. He was like a man putting together a big, complicated jigsaw puzzle. Each piece, large or small, contributes to the total picture.

W. L. Heath has written a novel that has the resonance of truth and the richness of folklore. It is a history, a poem, an encyclopedia of intimate knowledge about a place and it’s people.

Read the first 35 pages.

This book is available as an ebook on Amazon.

About the Author…
W. L. Heath


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