Access Denied

Access Denied - ebook coverPrivate Investigator Alec Stover doesn’t like adultery cases. In fact, he generally avoids that kind of detective work. But when Carol Cahill walks into his office, he feels an immediate connection and takes her on as a client without hesitation. She suspects her husband, Bob, is having an affair with Alice, the wife of his business partner, Ted. But all the jokes about Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice quickly lose their humor when Alice is murdered.

Homicide detective Emma Radcliffe is assigned the case and it all looks to be pretty cut-and-dried, until Alec provides evidence to suggest that someone may be framing Bob for the murder. Then, when an attempt is made on Alec’s life, Emma is convinced things are not as simple as they appear. Past infidelities, scandals, and another suspicious death come to the surface the deeper she digs. She’ll need Alec’s help to figure it all out. But for Alec it’s more than just an interesting case. This time it’s personal.

Access Denied is the second book in the Alec Stover mystery series.

To read an excerpt (first five chapters), click here.

Access Denied is available as an ebook on Amazon.

About the Author…
Merrill Heath


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