Bearing False Witness

Bearing False Witness Cover 2When a Marshal with the Federal Witness Protection Program reaches out to Alec Stover for help in finding one of his witnesses who has dropped out of sight, Alec thinks this might be an interesting case. Leonard Kopekne has been in WITSEC for twelve years after testifying in a murder trial against a Miami mob boss. But when he learns he has a daughter in Birmingham, Alabama, Leonard decides to break protocol and contact his old girlfriend in hopes of meeting her. The trouble begins as soon as he arrives and Alec quickly finds himself square in the middle of everything.

Alec teams up with homicide detective Emma Radcliffe and US Marshal Diana Davis to try to find Leonard before anyone gets caught in the crossfire as the mafia comes to town looking for payback. But as everyone soon discovers, Leonard has a few tricks up his sleeve and is quite capable of looking out for himself, even when kill-or-be-killed becomes the order of the day.

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This book is currently available as an ebook on Amazon.

About the Author…
Merrill Heath

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