Max the Great

Max the Great - coverMax is a dog, but no ordinary dog. He lives in a small Southern town, with no particular owner, but nevertheless is known by everyone as a prominent resident. Mostly hound dog, he is wise, crafty and kind, but has a certain independence, picking who will be his friends and where he will eat.

But his ordered life is suddenly upset one day when an organ grinder arrives with a monkey, which tries to take over Max’s position as the town celebrity. For a while it looks as though Max may be beaten until dramatic events take over.

An outing in the woods proves disastrous when a boy is bitten by a snake and suddenly everything seems to go wrong. When every second counts, events build up to a stunning climax where Max finds himself and his human companions caught in a life and death situation. Is there anything Max can do to get them all to safety?

Told in simple, unaffected prose Max the Great is a wonderfully humorous and engaging story. If you have children aged 6-16 or grandchildren that you read to, this is a great selection, guaranteed to entertain children and grown-ups alike.

To read an excerpt (first 5 chapters), click here.

Max the Great is available as an ebook and hardcover on Amazon.

About the Author…
W. L. Heath