Most Valuable Player

Most Valuable Player - coverPete Stallings starts his senior year of high school on top of the world. He’s the quarterback of the football team, well-liked and respected by his teammates, with a pretty, fun girlfriend, and in position to bring home the Most Valuable Player trophy to set beside his father’s on the mantle in the living room.

But somehow things go wrong. Billy Foxx’s flashy play on the field makes him a crowd favorite and even gains favor with Pete’s girlfriend. As the season progresses, it becomes obvious that Pete’s chances at winning the MVP award are dwindling. Then a harmless escapade threatens disaster right before the final game of the season with their rival, Baxter High School.

W. L. Heath has written an exciting sports book, filled with play-by-play descriptions that will have you cheering along with the crowd. But Most Valuable Player is more than a dynamic football story. This is the story of Pete Stallings, Billy Foxx, and a team of supporting players, who must learn to make unselfish decisions in the bigger interest of their team and friends.

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About the Author…
W. L. Heath