Jack Wells, a veterinarian, discovers a medicine that cures cancer in dogs. When he gives it to his old dog, Rex, it not only kills a cancerous tumor on his lung, but also cures several other ailments he is struggling with.

When Jack’s daughter, Amy, is diagnosed with cancer, their world is turned upside down. In an act of desperation, she begins taking the miraculous medicine that has restored Rex to the picture of health.

For a while all goes well, until Rex begins to show changes in behavior. Then Amy begins to exhibit uncharacteristic personality traits, as well. Now Jack must find a delicate balance in the dosage – one that maintains optimal health without creating side effects that could be devastating.

Panacea is a suspense thriller that explores how a single decision, made with the best of intentions, sets in motion a string of events that goes horribly wrong.

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About the Author…
Merrill Heath