The Earthquake Man

The Earthquake Man - coverThings begin to go wrong at the O’Grady farm as soon as the troll moves in on them. Their parents try to pass off the odd happenings with logical explanations but Rafe and Ansel are sure the troll has brought bad luck to the farm. The boys recognize a pattern in what is taking place – a developing chain of ominous events not easily explained by coincidence.

A week after the troll arrived, their parents go to visit their sister and the teenage boys are left to tend to the farm on their own for a few days. But almost immediately after the parents leave, a strange little man appears who offers to remove the troublesome troll. In fact, he professes to be an expert at ridding people of trolls. It’s his profession, his life’s work.

Thus begins a three-day adventure for Rafe and Ansel that is whimsical and fantastic, frightening and enlightening, filled with events they will never forget.

This book is written at a reading level of 9-12 years of age, but it’s a story that can be enjoyed by adults as well as children. There is a lot of symbolism and depth that goes well beyond the simple story about the issues caused by having a troll on your property.

To read an excerpt (first 4 chapters), click here.

The Earthquake Man is available as an ebook and hardcover on Amazon.

About the Author…
W. L. Heath