Synergistic Escapes, Inc., has developed technology that allows people to experience a virtual vacation that is amazingly realistic. Not only that, but the time ratio is approximately 40:1. One minute of real time is the equivalent of forty minutes on a virtual vacation. That means if you’re stressed out at work and need a few days off, you can go to the beach for three days … during your lunch break. Just check in at one of the SEI facilities, climb into your assigned pod, and your virtual vacation begins.

Patricia Wellman sees the technology as a way to escape an unhappy marriage.

Beth Pruitt suffers from MS and the technology allows her to escape the devastating effects the disease is taking on her body, maybe even stop its progression.

Marcus Ramey hopes to use the technology to be reunited with his wife, who died twelve years ago in a tragic car accident.

And then there’s Ray Frazier, a serial killer who uses the technology to find his victims, and it’s up to SEI Security Officer Joanne Parker and FBI Special Agent Mike Crawford to catch him before he kills again.

What happens in the pod, stays in the pod…but not always…and real life consequences can be deadly.

To read an excerpt (first four chapters), click here.

Timebox is available as an ebook and paperback on Amazon.

About the Author…
Merrill Heath

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