Consequences - coverSomeone may have murdered Ron Maddox. The untimely death of the millionaire CEO of Maddox Software appears to be suicide but family and friends don’t believe it. Only his beautiful widow, Carol, insists his manic behavior drove him to such a desperate act.

FBI Agents Trevor Washington and Betty Logan are asked to assist with the investigation but, despite their own suspicions, can find no concrete evidence of murder, only motive – two multi-million dollar insurance policies.

Someone did murder Kathy Bogarde. When her tortured body is discovered stuffed in a metal barrel at a construction site Trevor and Betty are pulled off the Maddox case. Their new case leads them to the seedier side of south Florida and their investigation sets off a string of murders as the girl’s killer starts tying up loose ends, eliminating anyone who knows anything about her death.

Eventually Trevor and Betty disentangle the complex web of manipulation and betrayal, only to be yanked back into the affairs of Maddox Software. This time around they learn of a budding romance between the seductive widow and a previous employee of Maddox Software. They soon uncover incriminating evidence that points back to the widow and her new boyfriend, evidence that proves to be a common fabric in several murders – with a thread that reaches all the way back to the death of Ron Maddox.

As their investigation races to a climactic conclusion, Trevor and Betty realize firsthand that there are deadly consequences, even for the innocent, when those around them are consumed with a lust for power and riches.

Read the first 5 chapters (50 pages)

Consequences is available as an ebook and paperback on Amazon.

About the Author…
Merrill Heath


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