Darby’s Folly

Darby's FollyJ.D. Dawkins is awakened one morning by the sounds of sawing and hammering. This alarms him because he’s a groundhog (or woodchuck, as he prefers to be called), and the racket he hears is the sort of racket only people can make. On top of that, it sounds perilously close to the entrance to his den.

J.D. lives in a hole at the edge of an apple orchard. During all the years that he’s lived in the orchard, the house has never had a tenant. The farm itself is abandoned. It is called Darby’s Folly, for some reason that J.D. does not know, and the fields, like the orchard lie fallow and untended. For a long time the only inhabitants of Darby’s Folly have been J.D. and the little creatures of the woods and thickets who are his friends. To them it is an idyllic place, remote from all human activity, and therefore tranquil and safe. But now that is about to change.

Then, when Mole mysteriously disappears, and Kayo the raccoon and Deacon Jones the opossum, soon afterward, J.D. becomes determined to rescue his friends. He sets out on an adventure that proves to be even more challenging and dangerous than he ever imagined it could be.

Will J.D. and his friends survive? What will become of J.D.’s home once the new tenants move into the farmhouse? And why is the farm known as “Darby’s Folly,” anyway? These questions and more are answered in this whimsical story that will be cherished by children and adults alike.

Read the first 10 pages.

This book is available as an ebook on Amazon.

About the Author…
W. L. Heath


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